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We're a small but passionate UK team with a mission to build an active online community for single Catholics to meet like-minded people.

We launched our website in 2015, after our own experience with the lack of options for single British and Irish Catholics. We did not want to pay $20+ month to US sites with few UK members, or others which appeared as purely profit oriented businesses.

For us, checking a tick box 'Catholic/Christian' on a generic dating site was not enough. Our site features in depth questions on Faith and specific questions most relevent to Catholics.


Data Privacy & Security

As a UK based site we are subject to stricter UK/EU data compliance regulations than those in the US and elsewhere.

In practice we've led the largest US sites in implementing critical security measures. For example, we had full https on launch, over a year before Catholic Match.


Mobile Focus

We designed the site to be as easy to use on your mobile phone as on the computer.

In fact, over 70% of our page views are from mobiles or tablets!

Easy to Use

Set up a profile and start talking to like-minded people within minutes.

Reach out to us via email and get support directly from our development team.

Private and Respectful

We never use our customers' data for public marketing pages.

Only registered users can view profiles. We have additional controls to only let selected contacts see your photos.

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Anonymised user data as of 22nd November 2016.


We introduced a small monthly membership fee in December 2016 to allow us to continue to grow the website and reach more Catholics across the UK and Ireland. There is still a free basic membership option with no time limit.

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Create a profile, upload photos, reply to messages from new people and send messages to your existing contacts.

Premium Membership

(1 Month)


Similar to the basic membership, but with the ability to do searches to find new people, and to see who is online now.

Premium Membership

(3 Months)


The premium membership, but at £4.33 per month for 3 months.

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