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The Largest UK Catholic Dating Site

An active community of around 1,000 UK and Irish Catholic singles who are committed to their faith and are looking to find their Catholic match. Back in 2014, after spending time trying out various online dating websites and talking to friends, we realised that there was nothing that catered for the needs of the UK and Irish Catholic community. Nobody wants to pay a large monthly fee for an off-target community of American singles! Our mission was to create something which was:
  • Catholic focused – both users and website questions/ features.
  • Targeted solely at the UK and Ireland.
  • Private and respectful – no using people’s profiles for marketing or searchable by unverified users.
  • Free from spam accounts – manual verification required of every new user.
  • As easy to use on a phone as a computer – automatically changing interface when using a mobile device.

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A Modern Catholic Dating Application

Catholic Dating UK mobile app    CatholicOnlineDatingWhiteLogo Optimised for use on mobiles.
   CatholicOnlineDatingWhiteLogo Search by UK/ Irish region.
   CatholicOnlineDatingWhiteLogo 1-click access to Daily Readings.
   CatholicOnlineDatingWhiteLogo Catholic profile questions.
   CatholicOnlineDatingWhiteLogo Active UK & Irish Catholic members.

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Catholic Dating UK & Ireland Demo:

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Catholic Dating and Marriage in the UK:

1,100,000 - Practicing Catholics in the UK (1)
10,250 - Catholic Marriages per Year in the UK (2)
35% - % of Modern Marriages which begin online (3)

(1) BBC for England and Wales only
(2) Figures from Latin Mass Society
(3) Those who met online were also surveyed as slightly happier!

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Made by UK Catholics

We started on this journey in the second half of 2014, finally releasing Catholic Online Dating UK & Ireland in early 2015. We are continuing to add new features as we grow along with the community. Most recently we've released free Android and Amazon store mobile apps, which were the first Catholic Dating apps on those stores in the world!

Compared to the existing large Christian dating websites we are flexible and open to users’ feedback. We’d love for you to join us on social media to share in this development with us:

Twitter @CatholicDateUK     Facebook Catholic Dating UK     Google Plus Catholic Singles UK

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“The Church — I repeat once again — is not a relief organization, an enterprise or an NGO, but a community of people, animated by the Holy Spirit, who have lived and are living the wonder of the encounter with Jesus Christ and want to share this experience of deep joy, the message of salvation that the Lord gave us.”
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Still have Questions?
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Q) I am 17 years old, can I join?

A) Unfortunately we only allow users aged 18 and above. We are strict on this for safety reasons. If you suspect that another user is underage, please let us know. In these cases we will temporarily suspend the profile until the user can provide proof of age.

Q) How do you ensure that you attract the right type of membership for a Catholic Dating website?

A) When you register as a new user, you fill your details and answer some questions on Catholic themes. Afterwards you have the option to upload photos to support your registration on Catholic Dating UK. Over the next few hours one of our team will manually check your profile to verify it before you can do things like search for other members or send messages. It's important to use a real email address when you first register, or otherwise we are unable to contact you and will reject the registration.

Q) Do you run events?

A) We don't run any events like Catholic singles meetups or Catholic speed dating, but we do post other Catholic societies' events on our blog and twitter page when we hear of them. If you live in London and you're generally interested in meeting other young Catholics and learning more about your faith then we can point you to this list of regular Catholic groups in London that you can easily get involved with. At the moment there's 14 regular events (feel free to get in touch with us if you are part of a group missing from the list and we'll add you in). We're working on similar pages for Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast and Glasgow too.

Q) Is there a Catholic Dating App?

A) Yes! As of March 2016 we've released apps on the Android store and for Amazon devices. We are the first Catholic dating site to release apps for these stores in the world! If you don't want to download the app then don't worry, if you log in from a phone the site is designed to resize to your device, so it is nearly as good as the app.

Q) How much does it cost? Most Christian dating websites cost £10+ per month?

A) We charge no fees: our goal is to build an enriching community for Catholic singles to meet each other and not to make a profit. Since all the website development and outreach was done by the team ourselves, we have no huge overheads to cover and can continue to offer the site for free. If you’re happy with the site, then you can pay us back by spreading the link to friends and members of your parish!

Q) For what type of reasons would you reject a profile?

A) So far we have rejected between 10% and 20% of registrations. Some were obviously fake – ‘Paddington bear’, a Russian model with copied profile text from google, but others occasions were less obvious. In ambiguous cases we will get in touch where we can if we need some additional information from you. It goes without saying you need a valid and verified email account when you first register on Catholic Dating UK.

Q) I stumbled across this looking for 'CatholicMatch login', 'Catholic Match trial', Cathud, Christian Connection, etc. Why should I join your site?

A) Cathud, Christian Connection and are all good organisations that have helped many couples to meet over the years. Cathud and Christian Connection in particular are focused on the UK. However, we are the largest Catholic Dating site in the UK, and of those listed we are the only one that is completely free. If you are serious about finding a Catholic partner why not try out more than one option at the same time? We'd love to hear your experiences with these to help us improve, so please get in touch.

Q) Why did my profile get suspended?

A) If for some reason we receive a complaint about a user from another we may temporarily suspend their profile without warning. We want to meet the needs of the entire Catholic community in the UK & Ireland, so we would never suspend anyone for being ‘too liberal’ or ‘too conservative’ in their views. On the other hand, inappropriate or suggestive language has no place on a Catholic Dating website and should be reported using the 'Contact Us' link in the footer at the bottom of this page.